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Dream Haven Equine Sanctuary is actively looking for donors. Whether you would like to donate your time and skills to help care for the horses, donate feed and hay, donate products, or make a one-time, or recurring monetary donation, we sure would appreciate your help, and so would our wonderful horses.


Dream Haven Equine Sanctuary accepts monetary, feed/hay, and product donations. Please review our list of needs below. Dream Haven currently houses 21 horses with an additional 2 horses offsite. 

In Person

8256 FM 1940

Franklin, TX 77856

By Phone


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A lot of these horses come to us with ulcers, hind gut issues, laminitis, and other chronic conditions. Many are difficult to handle due to previous abuse/mishandling, or general trust issues. We currently use and need:


Ulcerguard - $40/tube (Tractor Supply)

Xylazine - 100ml bottle

Bute Powder 

Bute Injectable 

Equioxx - 180 day supply

Equioxx - 60 day supply

Dormosedan - 20ml bottle

Domosedan/Torb - 5 ml

Banamine - 250 ml bottle

Banamine -100ml bottle 

Veterinary Clinic:

Texas Equine Hospital

13688 Texas 6 Frontage Rd, Bryan, TX 77807

(979) 778-2529

If you would like to donate meds, please call our vet clinic and let them know what medicines you would like to purchase for Dream haven Equine Sanctuary


Farrier - $35/trim

21 horses/month

$735/month and totals



Dental & Sheath Cleaning

Our horses receive dental care twice per year, with some only needing once per year. Kathleen cleans sheaths and teats while the horses are sedated for dental work. 


Veterinary Care

Our horses receive routine veterinary care as well as emergency care when needed. As we all know, veterinary expenses add up quickly, especially in emergency situations. Due to the "unknown" factor of when an emergency will occur, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate of veterinary expenses required. 

Between the period Jan 2019 thru Dec 2021 medical expenses have been $48,000.  This includes dental, surgery, emergency farm visits, prescription and non-prescription medications, coggins, euthanasia, routine vet services.  That averages $16,000 per year.  First year - $8,000; 2d year - $20,000; current year $20,000. (Rounded off to the nearest dollar)


If you prefer to donate feed, please choose from the list of products from above

and contact one of the local suppliers below for easy donation and pickup/delivery.

Producers Cooperative Association

(979) 778-6000

1800 North Texas Avenue

Bryan, TX 77803

America's Country Store

(979) 690-3333

14675 FM 2154

College Station, TX 77845

Tractor Supply Co.

(979) 279-9777

925 North Market Street

Hearne, TX 77859

Hay & Shavings

We feed a variety of hay according to each horse's needs. These numbers can vary from month to month for a variety of reasons such as illness, injury, stall or pasture requirements, weight gain/loss, etc. 


50lb Alfalfa Square Bales - 30 per month at $15/bale

$450/month and totals $5,400/year

50lb Coastal square bales - 120 per month at $8.50/bale

$1,020/month and totals $12,240/year

Coastal Round Bales - 12 per month at $75/bale

$900/month and totals $10,800/year

Shavings - 45 bags per month at $6.39/bag

$287.55/month and totals $3,450.60/year

Total Monthly Hay & Shavings Cost $2,657.55

Total Yearly Hay & Shavings Costs $31,900.60

Supplies Needed

With 21 head of horses onsite, you can imagine the amount of supplies we go through. Things wear out, get broken, or just plain get used up. 

Here are some things that we routinely or specifically need.

Flat Back Buckets - In Black and Purple - 8 Quart & 4 Quart

50 or 100 Gallon Durable Water Troughs

Halters & Lead Ropes

Bandaging Supplies - Coflex, Gamgee, Cotton, Elastikon

Grooming Supplies - Shampoos, Detanglers, Brushes


Ice Boots

Soft Ride Boots

Fly Spray

Wheel barrows

Manure Spreader


Heavy Duty Hoses

Fine Tine Basket Manure Forks

Each horse is an individual and is fed accordingly to his or her dietary needs. We do not

often switch brands or products in order to reduce digestive upset

and colic cases. We feed ONLY the following grain and forage products:


Nutrena Triumph Complete - 160 Bags/month at $18.20/bag

$2,912/month and totals $34,944/year

Nutrena Pro Force Senior - 40 Bags/month at $29.99/bag

$1,199.66/month and totals $14,395.00/year

Pro Elite Omega - 18 Bags/month at $41.99/bag

$755.82/month and totals $9,069.84/year

Nutrena High Fat 12-8 Pellet - xxx bags at $16.35/bag

Nutrena Equine Mineral - 2 Bags/month at $39.99/bag

$79.98/month and totals $959.76/year

Alfalfa Hay Cubes - 

30 Bags/month at $14.99/bag

$449.70/month and totals $5,396.40/year

Whole Oats - 35 Bags/month at $18.10/bag

$633.50/month and totals $7,602.00/year

Alfalfa Pellets - 

30 bags/month at $16.50/bag

$495/month and totals $5,940/year

12% Textured Horse Feed - 8 Bags/month at $16.35/bag

$130.80/month and totals $1,569.60/year

Beet Pulp Shreds - 20 bags/month at $16.75/bag

$335/month and totals $4,020/year


50lb Trace Mineral Blocks (pastures) - 4/month at $6.49/block

$25.96/month and totals $311.52/year

4lb Trace Mineral Blocks (stalls) - 6/month at $2.79/block

$16.74/month and totals $200.88/year

Total Monthly Feed Cost: $7,034.16

Total Yearly Feed Cost: $84,409.92

Volunteers Needed

In Person

8256 FM 1940

Franklin, TX 77856

By Phone

Kathleen Deegan - Sanctuary Manager

(936) 661-3945

Shirley Ford - Executive Director - 979-828-3713​


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Volunteers Needed

Dream Haven Equine Sanctuary is actively looking for volunteers! We need volunteers that are experienced with horses, to help feed, doctor, groom, help clean stalls, unload and stack feed, put out round bales, and set up feeding buckets each week. 

No horse experience? No problem! We also need reliable help with mowing the property, weed whacking, and general maintenance. These are all important roles to help keep the Sanctuary running smoothly, and keep the horses healthy and happy! 

Are you a trainer looking to expand your skills and donate some time to horses in need? We have several horses that just plain need handling and gentling. All of the horses here deserve to learn to trust humans so they can live out their days peacefully, respectfully, and with dignity. 

If you would like to become a volunteer, you must be at least 18 years of age and sign a liability waiver form. 

Volunteer with Us
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

You must download, complete, and return the release of liability waiver in order to become a volunteer in any capacity. 

Stay abreast of Dream Haven Equine Sanctuary News and Exciting New Programs for 2022!

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